Classic Plus Roller DoorFor openings up to 5.5 meters wide.

For over 25 years we have been UK based manufacturers with nationwide surveying and installation teams.
Over this period we have been making changes to our products in order to remain at the forefront of British industry.
We believe we are manufacturing some of the top products in the UK due to our innovative designs.
100% customer satisfaction is our aim and we subscribe to the view that keeping a customer demands as much skill as winning one. Your valued enquiry is extremely welcome.


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Warranties Included

15 Years

Colourfast Warranty

7 Years

Warranty on motor

5 Years

Warranty on DMS


Space saving
Made to Measure
Aesthetically Pleasing
Security Tested
Over 100 colours
Hand made in UK
Reduction in Sound
Verticle opening for shorter driveways
Reinforced Perimeter
Nationwide surveying & installation


Hard Wearing Laminate Coating Option

Birkdale have a premium coating system often used on window profiles so an ideal match and they come with a 15 year warranty. This gives us 1000's of colours all available from stock. Colour matching box, guides and fascia is also available. This coating opens up the possibility of matching any architecture and is much harder wearing than paint finished profiles traditionally supplied. In brief, we have more choice with better warranties all from stock for quicker delivery.

High Speed Tube Motor

A high speed motor provides smoother and faster operation. Supplied with an internal manual release and a 7 year warranty. These are supplied exclusively to Birkdale by Jolly Motors.

Door Monitor System

Unlike a standard safety edge this motion detection device offers full protection, beneath and against the door. Backed by a 5 year warranty as standard.

3 Function Spring System

This reduces the work load on the motor, gives a smoother door operation, and provides a built in anti drop device.

Remotely Operated

Two Channel handsets are supplied as standard, our roller doors are supplied with two remotes for easy, wireless operation. Four channel handsets can be supplied to operate up to four doors using one handset.

Heavy Duty Barrel and Security Locking

The 125mm round aluminum barrel is light weight but extremely strong with its honeycomb structure eliminates any deflection in the barrel even in doors at 5500mm wide. The increase in the diameter of the barrel also significantly increases the speed and smoothness of the door operation and with the additional retainer profile provides much superior security rating compared against traditional spring locks.

Insulated Curtain

Our Roller Door is thermally insulated to help with garage warmth. The 20mm thick insulated curtain is ideal for integral garages or garages with bedrooms above.

Internal Manual Override

In the event of a power cut, our internal manual override allows the door to be wound up and down via crank handle and eyelet. This can be upgraded to a permanently fixed knuckle system which is ideal for tight spaces. Our spring assisted system (5) makes this easier to use.

Extruded Top and Bottom rail

The aluminium extruded top and bottom rails are manufactured with a double wall profile. Add this to the heavy duty guide to give the door a rigid, stronger perimeter.

Push Button Control Box with optional Keypad

An internal control station with up down and stop buttons to control your door internally. Works in conjunction with DMS (3) and has the option of adding an external keypad for access to your garage without the need to carry hand transmitters.

Reinforced Endplates

The end plates are made from die-cast aluminium which can be upgraded to be fitted with steel reinforcement brackets as an optional extra. These provide added security, a more secure fixing and reduce installation time.

Full Box

An aluminium box made up from a 90º and a 45º profile to create a fascia when headroom is limited and a neat finish inside the garage. A full box is required for external fitting. Full Box Fascia Strengtheners are optional for greater rigidity.

Through Wall Drive

For all garages with no other entrance a Through-Wall-Drive is to be fitted as an external manual release, in the event of power failure. Secured with anti theft screws. An internal gearbox ensures easy operation.

Hood Lock

A lockable cover for externally fitted roller doors to secure the manual release device.

Touch Screen Control Box

Touch Screen Control BoxLook at our stylish sleek designed control box and door monitor system. Features include a touch screen with LED light, battery status monitor, safety edge status and other indicators. Additional optional extras of alarm, touch screen keypad, smart phone operation and a wireless door entry system for your house door are available.

Wireless Touch Screen Keypad

Add the Wireless Touchscreen Keypad to the touch screen system for access to your garage without the need to carry hand transmitters. The numbers remain hidden until the screen is touched.

Key-less Barrel Lock

Add the feature of key-less entry to your house or garage personnel door compatible with your remote or keypad.


For added security an Alarm can be fitted to sound when the door is being tampered with forcefully or manually lifted. The alarm will only work in conjunction with the Door Monitoring System (DMS).

Battery Backup

Add the Battery Backup and never worry about power failure again. Just carry on operating your door as normal waiting for power to return.

15 Years WarrantyOn all our laminated colours

Benefits of laminated finish

There are many more advantages over standard paint finished roller doors...

Complimentary Colours
The same finish is often applied to doors, windows and conservatories. Therefore, our laminated finish really will compliment the appearance of your property. There are many more advantages over standard paint finished roller doors.

Colourfast and Harder Wearing
The multi-layer finish absorbs UV radiation by more than 95% ensuring the colours and wood grains are protected from fading and adverse weather effects. The transparent outer layer protects the colour and is designed to withstand European climate variations giving a long-term stable finish backed by a 15 YEAR WARRANTY. Simply put, the visual appearance will be maintained and last longer than inferior paint finished roller doors.

Superior Thermal Insulation
The external foil coating creates a thermal break. Coupled with solar shield technology the profiles are kept much cooler - even with darker colours. Paint finish doors can be problematic when expansion occurs through heat. Our laminated colours greatly reduce such problems.

Birkdale offer 5 Groups of Colours Starting with our Group 1 base white colour and then our premium laminate coating in 1000's of colours from group 2 to group 5.

Paint Finish Standard

This is our basic colour, whatever colour you choose this will be the internal colour, creating a nice clean and light interior finish. Laminated Popular

Laminated Popular

A set of our five most popular finishes; Wine Red, Jet Black, Steel Blue, Anthracite Grey and Dark Green. These are offered at a subsidised rate because of their popularity.

Laminated Standard

A selection of our traditional laminate colours that offer both solid and wood effect colours offering over a 100 colours as standard.

Laminated Colour Matching Option

This is available in both solid colours (Group 4) Offering any colour in smooth, textured or woodgrain finish with the option of any colour code including metallic finishes. Simply give us your colour code and we will match it. Our woodgrain finishes can also be supplied in wood effect colours (Group 5). With these options we can match any architecture.

Technical SpecificationFitting requirements and roller door features comparison.

Head Room

This is the required space needed to accommodate the diameter of the door as it rolls up and down.
This can be created by using the Fulll Box (13) particularly for under lintel or external fitting.

Fixing Examples

Opening Height- Above lintel fix.

Sufficient headroom the Full Box (13) is not required for headroom purposes.

Overall Height- Under lintel fix

No headroom The Full Box (13) creates a fascia to give the headroom required.

Overall Height- Limited headroom

The Full Box creates a part fascia to give the headroom required.

Side Room

The side room applies to the space which is needed to fit the door guides on both sides of the garage aperture. The size of the tracks will vary depending on the width and model of the roller door. The guides can be face fixed or fixed in between (see diagram).

Opening Width- Face fix

Overall Width- In between fix

Overall Width- Face and in between fix

If in doubt please ask, we are here to help.

Roller door comparison table

Classic MAXI Classic COMPACT Valu-Door MAXI Valu-Door COMPACT
Max Width 5300mm 3000mm 3050mm 3000mm
Max Height 2850mm 2600mm 2740mm 2400mm
Min Headroom required 300mm (up to 2350mm guide size) 205mm (up to 2000mm guide size) 300mm (up to 2800mm guide size) 205mm
Max Headroom required 360mm (2350mm guide size) 250mm (2000mm guide size) 400mm (2800mm guide size) 205mm
Min Sideroom 70mm (up to 3000mm opening width) 66mm (up to 2000mm opening width) 70mm 65mm
Max Sideroom 100mm 75mm (over 2000mm opening width) 70mm 65mm
Fixing Option Internal, External Internal, External Internal, External Internal, External
Laminated Finish Optional Optional Optional Optional
Paint Finish White as standard White as Standard White as standard White as standard
Colourmatching Options Box, Guides, Fascia (white as standard) Box, Guides, Fascia (white as standard) Box, Guides, Fascia (white as standard) Box, Guides, Fascia (white as standard)
Remote Operation Standard Standard Standard Standard
Guides Sizes 70mm, 100mm* 65mm 70mm 65mm
Curtain Slats Material Aluminium - Foam Filled Aluminium - Foam Filled Aluminium - Foam Filled Aluminium - Foam Filled
Curtain Slats Thickness 20mm 14mm 20mm 14mm
Curtain Slats Height 78mm 56mm 78mm 56mm
Motor Speed 15, 17 RPM 17 RPM 12 RPM 12 RPM
Manual Override Type Crank Handle Crank Handle Crank Handle Crank Handle
Autolocking Type Heavy Duty Retainer Profile Locking Spring Type Auto Locks Spring Type Auto Locks Spring Type Auto Locks
Feeding Rollers Standard Standard Standard Standard
Full Box Optional Standard Optional Standard
Half Box Optional N/A Optional N/A
Full Box with Strengtheners Optional N/A Optional N/A
Reinforced Endplates Optional N/A N/A N/A
Hood Lock Optional Optional Optional Optional
Door Monitor System (DMS) Standard Standard N/A N/A
Pushbutton Keypad Optional Optional N/A N/A
Touchscreen Keypad Optional Optional N/A N/A
Alarm Optional Optional N/A N/A
Courtesy Light Standard Standard N/A N/A
Battery Backup Optional Optional N/A N/A
Hold To Run Remote N/A N/A Standard Standard
Two Channel Handset Standard Standard Optional Optional
Four Channel Handset Optional Optional Optional Optional
Push Button Control Box Standard Standard N/A N/A
Touchscreen Control Box Optional Optional N/A N/A
Through Wall Drive Optional Optional Optional Optional
Warranty Laminated Finish 15 Years Against Fading 15 Years Against Fading 15 Years Against Fading 15 Years Against Fading
Warranty DMS 5 Years 5 Years N/A N/A
Warranty Motor 7 Years 7 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Warranty Paint Finish 5 Years Against Fading 5 Years Against Fading 2 Years 2 Years
*Up to 3000mm opening width the guide size is 70mm.
Up to 5500mm opening width the guide size is 100mm.

You decide

When choosing your supplier compare our features, and remember.
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

15 Year warranty on door curtain
7 Year warranty on motor
5 Year warranty on Safety System
1000's of colours

Security tested
Reinforced perimeter
Space saving

Aesthetically pleasing
Hand made in UK
Nationwide surveying & installation
Heavy Duty Locking System